Introducing EmpyreanGO

From the convenience of your phone or tablet EmpyreanGo will allow you to review current benefits, employer resources, and enroll in benefits – including adding dependents, updating beneficiaries, or uploading supporting documents. How Do Employees Access EmpyreanGO?

How Do Employees Access EmpyreanGO?

EmpyreanGO is available for IOS/Android platforms and is found in both the Apple App and Google Play stores. The EmpyreanGO app is accessible to you in 3 simple steps:

Download the APP by searching for EmpyreanGO
Search for your employer’s name
Log in utilizing your credentials used for Compass

EmpyreanGO gives users access to important features

Full Featured

Users can view their benefit history, review current benefits, and access and enroll in future plan years.

Clean Design

Easy to understand interface to reduce confusion.


Install and GO

Gain access to all of your benefit information at your fingertips, when you need it.

Real Time Data

Your EmpyreanGO app is connected to Compass, and reflects realtime data that has been updated in the system.

The Power of Mobile

Biometric Authentication

EmpyreanGO users can now use biometric authentication to access the experience – in the same seamless way they would for other mobile apps. IOS users can use Face ID or Touch ID, and Android users can use fingerprint authentication. (Currently, face authentication is not globally supported across the Android platform.)

How does it work?

Users only need to activate biometric authentication prior to accessing EmpyreanGO. Then, users turn it on through the toggle switch on the login screen. Once logged in, biometric authentication will be used in lieu of username and password going forward.

Why does it matter?

People have learned to expect the same functionality from our mobile app as they do for any other app they use in their personal lives – this allows us deliver on that expectation, enhance user experience, and increase ease of access into our app.

Empyrean Identity

EmpyreanGO now uses Empyrean Identity (our identity service) for user logins.

How does it work?

A straightforward pop-up (known as a modal screen) prompts users for credentials and can confirm they are logging into a trusted site (identity.empyreanbenefits.com). Users with multi-factor authentication activated in Compass also have the same level of security when logging in through Empyrean Identity.

Why does it matter?

Leveraging the identity service means that logins are secure and consistent across all access points for users and their data, thus helping prevent phishing attacks